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Typical Closing Expenses


Initial Deposit

When submitting the offer


Mortgage Application & Appraisal Fee

When arranging financing


Home Inspection (optional)

Acceptance of Conditional offer


Home and Property Insurance

On Closing and On-going


Legal Fees

On Closing


Legal Disbursements

On Closing


Mortgage Interest Adjustment (if Applicable)

On Closing


Land Transfer Tax ( Ontario)

On Closing

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Property Survey if not provided

On Closing

$700 & up

Moving Expenses

On Date of Move

$200 & up

Mortgage Insurance (if applicable)

On Closing

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Please Note other typical monthly costs associated with home ownership include mortgage payments, maintenance, insurance, condo fees, property taxes and utilities.

ATTENTION FIRST TIME BUYERS: Whether you are buying a resale property or a new property, you are eligible in subsidies (MAJOR SAVINGS) in Toronto, ON CANADA.