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Joey Khan's No Sale Phone Call Policy

What’s more annoying than you're at home relaxing with your family and the phone rings, and when you answer it, the voice on the other end is trying to sell you something.

I endeavor in all my Real Estate communication to be the utmost professional. Can you imagine any Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant or any other professional call you to solicit business. Professionals don't cold call people to solicit business, that's what salespeople do. Professionals build their business by referral and repeat business of past clients. Salespeople look for new business because they grow their business by finding new customers.

Like most people, I don’t like when salespeople call me all. If a business sends me something by mail, I can choose when and if I give it attention, but salespeople on the phone are an invasion of my privacy and disturb my family time. Hence, I have a policy and it is simply as follows:

I do not call anyone unless I have established a relationship with them, or they ask me to, PERIOD!